Our prices are based on hair length, density, and the time required for each service. Haircuts include a consultation, a wash using sustainable, zero waste products, and a blow dry.

Standard cut (1 hour)

Short hair (above the ears) = $68 +

Mid-length hair (between the ears and shoulders) = $78 +

Long hair (past the shoulders) = $88 +

Extra Long haircut (1.25h) = $98 +

Curly Cut (1.5h) = 123$ +

Transformation (1.5 hours)

This service is for individuals who are looking to make a big change, or for those who feel like the extra time is needed. The 1.5 hours time-slot allows our stylists to carefully craft and detail your cut to achieve the desired results. This service starts at $123.

Buzz cut maintenance (30 minutes)

Maintenance of a clipper only haircut starts at $44

Bang trim (15-30 minutes)

Bang trims start at $18.25 and can be booked the same day.


Blow dry (45 minutes-1 hour)

A wash using sustainable, zero waste products, and a blow dry/ styling starts at $59.


These sessions include a wash and step by step guidance to style your hair to create a wavy blow dry or for natural curly hair styling.

Wave blow dry lesson (1h) = $88+

Curly blow dry lesson (1h) = $88+


At Freyja, we believe that we can achieve a desired look without sacrificing the integrity of your hair. This is why we work with one client at a time and process hair colour using nonabrasive techniques.

Our colour pricing is based on application and processing time, with rates starting at $88/hour, plus the colour products used to create the desired look.

In the salon, we work with Davines, a safe, comfortable, and reliable colour line. Using quinoa protein extract, omega-9 conditioning agents, and a phospholipid carrier, the Davines colour line creates extreme shine, a high conditioning effect, and outstanding colour durability. We carry both a permanent and demi-permanent line by Davines.

While haircut appointments can be made online, consultations and colour appointments are made over the phone.

We require that new clients schedule a consultation prior to their first colour appointment so that we can assess your hair integrity, breakdown the process, and schedule an appropriate amount of time for the service desired. The fee for the consultation service range between $22 to $44 + taxes.

Supplementary details: 

Junior stylists

Freyja has introduced a new pricing system for booking with our junior stylists, called the "pay what you can" scale. This allows you to choose your own price within a range of $40 to $62 per hour for cutting and styling services. You can expect the same level of exceptional service from our trained junior stylists, regardless of the amount you choose to pay.

Silent Appointments

We get it. Sometimes you just want a little R&R while getting your hair done and prefer not to worry about striking up a conversation. That’s why we offer our clients the option of a silent appointment upon booking, so that you can have the best experience possible. Don’t worry, we won’t judge – sometimes this is a welcome break for our stylists as well!  

Additional fees:

Eco Contribution 

When you contribute $3, you are directly supporting our partnership with Green Circle Salons. This organization empowers us to recycle and repurpose 95% of the waste generated in our salon, such as disposable items used during your hair service, aluminum foils, and excess hair colour products.